MEMORIES OF MY FATHER describes the life of He?ctor Abad Go?mez, a doctor and a human rights activist concerned with both his own children and the children of the underprivileged classes in the violent 1970s in Medellin, Colombia. Driven by sadness and rage when a terrible cancer takes the life of one of his daughters, He?ctor devotes himself to the social and political causes of the time, without regard to his personal safety. This is an intimate story seen through the eyes of his only son, He?ctor Abad Facilionce, one of the most outstanding writers in contemporary Colombia.

  • 2 hr 16 minNR
  • Nov 18, 2022
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Javier CamaraActor

  • Juan Pablo UrregoActor

  • Nicolas Reyes CanoActor

  • Patricia TamayoActor

  • Aida MoralesActor

  • Daniela AbadActor

  • Fernando TruebaDirector

  • Dario Armando Garcia GranadosProducer

  • David TruebaWriter