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Genre mash-up MFKZ (original title Mutafukaz) is a collaboration between French graphic novelist Guillaume “Run” Renard and the ultra-hip Japanese animation house, Studio 4°C, creators of Genius Party, Tekkonkinkreet, Animatrix, Batman Gotham Knight and others. The film is a dark but stunningly animated sci-fi vision that mixes anime, film noir, Lucha Libre, and gang culture in an orgy of first-person shooter mayhem. The film centers on young Angelino and his pal Vinz, who live in the LA-inspired metropolis of Dark Meat City – a burnt-out, neo-urban hell that makes Blade Runner’s LA seem like The Brady Bunch. Following a scooter accident Angelino starts experiencing strange hallucinations and fits of rage-inspired superpowers, as he slowly awakens to the truth of his origins: he is half human and half Macho, a supernatural alien race that is bent on taking over the planet

  • 1 hr 30 minChildren under 17 may not attend R-rated movies unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Children ages 6 and under are not allowed at R-rated movies after 6pm.
  • Oct 12, 2018
  • Animation

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Cast & Crew

  • Danny TrejoActor

  • Giancarlo EspositoActor

  • Vince StaplesActor

  • RzaActor

  • Guillaume RenardDirector

  • Shojiro NishimiDirector

  • Anthony RouxProducer

  • Frederic PuechProducer

  • Guillaume RenardWriter