Alex, a graceful 9-year-old boy who happily navigates between genders, has a dream: to be one day elected Miss France. 15 years later, Alex lost his parents and his self-confidence and stagnates in a monotonous life. An unexpected meeting will wake up this forgotten dream. Alex decides to compete in Miss France by hiding his male identity. Beauty, excellence, camaraderie... At the mercy of the stages of a merciless competition, helped by a family of colorful hearts, Alex is going to conquer the title, his femininity and above all, himself.

  • 1 hr 47 min
  • Dec 25, 2020
  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Pascale ArbillotActor

  • Thibault de MontalembertActor

  • Isabelle NantyActor

  • Laetitia GalitzineProducer