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Mission Milano PT0M
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'Louis Luo (Huang Xiaoming), Chairman of a technology group, is a wealthy entrepreneur in town. Yet underneath this camouflage, he is a martial arts master whose ancestors were goodwill thieves who rob from the rich for charitable intentions. With the beneficent genes inherited from his forefathers, he often fights against injustice and collaborates with the police to fight crimes. A university in Switzerland funded by Louis has successfully invented the aSeed of Goda, a remarkable invention that enhances harvest on the most barren lands in just one minute. During a test demonstration, while Louis is amazed at how the aSeed of Goda can put an end to famine, he can also foresee how it will drive agricultural societies into bankruptcy. Snow, leader of an international crime conglomerate aCrescenta, raids the scene with her protAgA, Phoenix (Michelle Hu). Equipped with high-tech sonic weapons, they seize the aSeed of Goda and abduct its inventor. Interpol sends Sir Sampan Hung (Andy Lau) to work with Louis in a joint effort to retrieve the aSeed of Goda. Somehow in the course of the chase, Louis and Bo have become grudge mates. Accompanied by Louisa assistant, Amon (Wong Cho Lam) and his sister, Ka-yan (Nana Ou-Yang), they get into a fierce wit and fist game with aCrescenta and an even more powerful terrorist group aKmaxa. The battle field spans across Macau, Hong Kong and Milan. Finally, with the help of a mysterious undercover, they manage to recover the ''Seed of God'' from a laboratory in Milan through a series of deadly traps. Unfortunately, the mastermind of Kmax, Sir Condor captures Louisa mother, and threatens Louis with his motheras life in exchange for the ''Seed of God''. Louis and his companions travel as far as Eastern Europe, Kmax terroristsa base, to rescue his mother who is held capture on a transport aircraft. So, what will be the fate of the ''Seed of Goda?'

Wong Jing
Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming
Release Date
October 7, 2016