From the sick minds that brought you Frankenthug and Room for Rent, comes their next tale of TERROR; Mother Noose presents Once Upon a Nightmare, an anthology of twisted fairy tales! Join Mother Noose as she corrupts your mind with a sinister tales for Cinderella, mutilates your sense with a HORRENDOUS rendition of Hansel and Gretel and TEARS your soul apart with The Three Little Pigs. Erin Brown (Masters of Horror), Jezibell Anat (Arte Factum: Legends) and Jon Devlin (Joe Stryker) star in the 4th film by indie horror ICON Richard Tanner. Sit back, relax, and poke a hole in the bottom of your popcorn bucket because once these tales get started there is no happy ending.

  • NR
  • Apr 24, 2021
  • Horror

Cast & Crew

  • Erin BrownActor

  • Jezibell AnatActor

  • Jon DevlinActor

  • Richard TannerDirector

  • Dan BeckDirector

  • Eric E. PoeDirector

  • Jeremy LoweProducer

  • Richard TannerProducer

  • Eric E. PoeWriter

  • Richard TannerWriter