Celebrated actor Richard Dreyfuss earned an Academy Award nomination (Best Actor, 1995) for his unforgettable role in this heartwarming tale about the importance of following your passion. Glen Holland is a musician who dreams of composing one truly memorable piece of music, but reality intrudes when he reluctantly accepts a ''day job'' as a high school music teacher to support his family. Ultimately, Mr. Holland realizes that his true passion is teaching and his legacy is the generations of young people he inspires.

  • Dec 25, 1995
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Glenne HeadlyActor

  • Olympia DukakisActor

  • Richard DreyfussActor

  • Alicia WittActor

  • William H. MacyActor

  • Stephen HerekDirector

  • Ted FieldProducer