Mud Rated PG13

Mud PG13 PT130M


Mud is an adventure about two boys, Ellis and his friend Neckbone, who find a man named Mud hiding out on an island in the Mississippi. Mud describes fantastic scenarios-he killed a man in Texas and vengeful bounty hunters are coming to get him. He says he is planning to meet and escape with the love of his life, Juniper, who is waiting for him in town. Skeptical but intrigued, Ellis and Neckbone agree to help him. It isn't long until Mud's visions come true and their small town is besieged by a beautiful girl with a line of bounty hunters in tow.

Running Time
2 hr 10 min
Release Date
April 26, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @Movie_Dialogue

    I was always covered in something. Mud, jam, failure... My father never associated himself with anything dirty. Or real. - High-Rise

  • @ConamaraKid

    "Mud" (2013) is a riveting movie (A) #ConamaraViews <ob4jsj>

  • @Yung_Mud

    RT @JerrySeinfeld: What about "Bee Movie 2"? What's going on with that? Should I? Any interest?

  • @sunlitgold1968

    How awesome is it that, in the movie Stripes, as they enter the mud-wrestling club, there is a very visible #Utah pennant on the wall? 😄🙌

  • @TheaSabinMovie

    Horror movie cliche #478: vehicle stuck in the mud while monster is approaching. Drink! #BMovieManiacs

  • @EmikoRay

    The amount and consistency of the mud in this movie is ludicrous I love it.

  • @stuckin_mud

    RT @DineshDSouza: Our second big weekend--have you made your plans to see the movie that exposes Hillary & her Democratic gang? https://t.…