The film, 'My Bollywood Bride,' is the story of Alex a Venice Beach copywriter who dreams of writing a novel someday. By a quirk of destiny, he happens to meet and romance an Indian beauty, Reena, while she is on a vacationn in California. Torn between her blossoming feelings for Alex and her Indian family values and obligations, Reena returns home without being able to say goodbye to Alex. Alex inspired by her words 'follow your dreams,' decides to trace her in Mumbai and win her back, initiating thereby, some courageous leaps of change. The trouble is, Alex couldn't be more out of his element in India. His quest for her is hindered by the fact that Reena has kept something very important about herself from him; the fact that she is the biggest film star in India's film industry calledy Bollywood! However, with the help of a rambunctious rickshaw driver and a few of Reena's friends, Alex just might have a chance at winning her back and follow his dreams.

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.1 hr 33 minNR
  • Romantic Comedy

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