This documentary provides a unique perspective on the legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali - aka "the greatest" - through the eyes of his only biological son, Muhammad Ali Jr. Throughout his life, Muhammad Jr. struggled with bullying, abandonment, drug addiction, family and heartbreak. Ultimately, Muhammad Jr. is able to find peace with himself, his former relationship with his father and his current relationship with his own children.

  • 1 hr 26 minNR
  • Jan 13, 2023
  • Documentary

Cast & Crew

  • Chad A. VerdiDirector

  • Tom DenucciDirector

  • Paul LubaProducer

  • Chad Verdi Jr.Producer

  • Michelle VerdiProducer

  • Chad A. VerdiProducer

  • Matthew J. WeissProducer

  • Nick KoskoffProducer

  • Tom DenucciWriter

  • Chad A. VerdiWriter