Emily has been living in a foster home ever since her father was institutionalized after her motheras death. Still, she keeps in touch with him through the birthday cards he sends her every year. As Emily starts at a new school, she catches the attention of her shy classmate Arden. When her father doesnat send a birthday card on her 16th birthday, Emily decides to take matters into her own hands. Enlisting Ardenas help, she runs away, and the pair set out on a road trip to break her father out of the psych ward. As their journey progresses, Emily and Arden must depend on each other as they learn about life, love, loss, and letting go.

  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Martin McCann

    Martin McCannActor

  • Michael Smiley

    Michael SmileyActor



  • George Webster

    George WebsterActor

  • Cathy Belton

    Cathy BeltonActor

  • Cast Image

    Simon FitzmauriceDirector

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