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The Myth of the Black Woman is a feature-length documentary that investigates the image of black women in society, from the hypersexual Jezebel to the amiable Nanny, including the insolent "Bitch". According to experts, the black community is the minority most affected by images created centuries ago. Black women, acclaimed leaders in their fields, tell the challenges that these representations of themselves bring to their lives. Their exciting stories are supported by never-before-seen and fascinating archival footage from centuries past to the present day.

  • 1 hr 34 min
  • Feb 10, 2023
  • Documentary

Cast & Crew

  • Dorothy AlexandreActor

  • Patricia Mc KenzieActor

  • SarahmeeActor

  • Gabriela GarbeauActor

  • Ayana O?shunDirector

  • Ayana O?shunProducer

  • Ayana O?shunWriter