Jasmeet Malhotra falls in a love with Param Singh but a conservative family will not allow her to marry a man of her choice ever... nor would they would allow her to work - which a supportive Param encourages. Param sends a formal marriage proposal pretending he hasn't ever had any romantic interest in her. Jasmeet's family agrees but Jasmeet's Grandfather insists that they would like her future in laws to promise that they would not allow her to work. During the wedding festivities Param gets into a scrap with a powerful person in the small town and that person ensures that Param is not able to get a visa to go abroad, even on his honeymoon. Jasmeet is carrying on her routine life when she meets an old friend, Harpreet, who is settled in London. Harpreet has come down to India and bumps into Jasmeet. She convinces Jasmeet that if she wants to live her life on her own terms then she must also shift to London. Harpreet gives her a broker's number who can help Param and Jasmeet to go to London. The broker explains to Param that if he needs to go to London, the only way is that Param should marry a foreigner visiting Amritsar and she in return of payment would get him a 'spouse residency'. Param is shocked and refuses to this offer. Jasmeet feels sad that she can never go to London. As fate would have it, now Jasmeet gets offered a job in London. She tells Param that as soon as she gets a residency there, she will take him there too. Param is happy for her and helps her convince her grandfather to go there. The real plan is that, she will go there and with the help of a friend she will manage to get UK residency after which Param will join her too. Once she is London, life takes a dramatic turn for Jasmeet. Param is shattered and feels lost. He understands that Jasmeet has made a mistake by going to London. He is determined that he will somehow go to London bring Jasmeet back. Will Param be able to go to London? Does Jasmeet get her residency? Does Jasmeet ever return to India? Will the couples eventually find a common ground, forms the rest of the drama.

  • Oct 19, 2018
  • Drama

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