Ram Parmar is a lead actor Raavana in a popular stage play Raavan Leela, but in real life is a quintessential good guy, whose values echo those of his namesake Lord Ram. One day he meets Mandar Lele, a lonely, helpless, hopeless, distraught, lonely, clingy, misfortunate human equivalent of a natural disaster. Ram Parmar's life will never be the same again, as everything that Mandar Lele does, leads to chaos and misfortune. But, as he gets to know Mandar better, he see's in him a lovable soul with amazing potential and the root cause of his blues being a love gone sour. He decides to track down the women of Mandar's dreams Nandinia a pretty, elegant florist who is afraid of being alone and always ends up with Mr.Wrong. Ram Parmar decides to unite the lovers, which ensues a comedy of errors and misadventures, where all of his acting skills are tested to their limit, as he improvises his way through a hilarious real life drama, complemented by the loose cannon Mandar Lele.

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.2 hr 5 minNR
  • Family

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