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After receiving a sweepstakes letter in the mail, a cantankerous father (Bruce Dern) thinks he's struck it rich, and wrangles his son (Will Forte) into taking a road trip to claim the fortune. Shot in black and white across four states, Nebraska tells the stories of family life in the heartland of America.

Running Time
1 hr 55 min
Alexander Payne
Bruce Dern, Bob Odenkirk, Will Forte
Release Date
November 15, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @like_a_foxx

    "@PhaerenKR: “@MostDumbestLaws: It is illegal to fly a plane while drunk. (Nebraska)” They clearly explain this in the movie Flight.

  • @TacoJuan94

    That movie surprised me, I really enjoyed it, makes me feel good about where I am #Nebraska

  • @RealWarhawk

    I took a potty break from Nebraska only to deal with my real life version of the movie.

  • @Anna1berryAnna

    Nothing like watching a black and white movie on a Thursday night ! #Nebraska

  • @DailyGawk

    'Heaven Is for Real': EW movie review - Nebraska pastor Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear) spreads the news when his...

  • @akostick

    Nebraska-Not sure about this movie very slow and a little too long. Seems everyone gets nominated for not saying anything.

  • @Kevin_THill

    Nebraska was such a great movie.