Never Stop

1 hr 38 min


Tianyi Wu, a young 100-meter-running champion, returns to his hometown, aiming to get off his chest the failure to surpass the former long-time champion and teammate, Chaoyue Hao. But he doesn?t expect to see that Chaoyue's life is in shambles as well. They retreat to the memories of their lives, both shared and separate, in an attempt to lift each other up from their current situation.

  • Please allow approximately 20 extra minutes for pre-show and trailers before the show starts.1 hr 38 minNR
  • Jun 11, 2021
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Zheng KaiActor

  • Li ChenActor

  • Sandrine PinnaActor

  • Fan ZhiyiActor

  • Jolin JinActor

  • Li NingActor

  • Tian YuActor

  • Bowen HanDirector

  • Ryan Zheng KaiProducer

  • Bowen HanWriter