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NEW LIFE is a film about hope. Benjamin Morton's life changed forever the day he met the little girl next door. Ava was and always would be the girl of his dreams. From the innocence of a childhood friendship, through adolescent attraction, their love strengthens and grows. When life takes a turn neither of them expected, their entire future is called into question. NEW LIFE explores ups and downs of life and love, showing us that in good times and bad, life can be approached with hope and the opportunity for something new.

Running Time
1 hr 30 min
Drew Waters
Erin Bethea, Jonathan Patrick Moore
Release Date
October 28, 2016

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    New life goal: Play "I 2 I" from A Goofy Movie over an airplane intercom for so long an Air Marshal tases me.

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    movie plot: sad girl fakes her death to start a new life somewhere, she becomes even more miserable, kills herself and nobody knew her.

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    See New Life. Movie TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE!!!

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    This movie really breathes new life into the MCU!! full of mind-twiting surreal dimensions… ★ Doctor Strange —