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How does a community of Somalis fleeing the war in their home country introduce themselves to their new neighbours in a small, rural Swedish town? For the recent migrants to Borlange, the answer is: strap on some ice skates for the first time in your life and play hockey! In the face of a trepidatious community--struggling with job loss that came with changes to the industrial landscape and finding answers in the right wing nationalist party--one group of determined Somali immigrants decide to face xenophobia with sport. With laughs and feel-good buoyancy, the team slips all over the ice in its quest to become the first-ever Somali team at the 'bandy' style of ice hockey World Championships. A popular hit in Sweden, NICE PEOPLE is a serious and affectionate look at what takes place when migration ends and integration begins.

Anders Helgeson, Karin Af Klintberg
Release Date
February 5, 2016

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