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  • @rokrishnan

    No this isn't Wes Anderson's newest movie, it's an ad for yogurt. So well done! @WiedenKennedy

  • @Ms6982Pooh

    @Disney my 8yr old just pointed out to me yesterday that there were no black people in her favorite movie frozen & that made her sad!!

  • @Wicked_Movie

    RT @BrendanPart: @Wicked_Movie No shade or hate intended, but not Idina and Kristin.

  • @bandsavefan

    RT @chenIoves1d: Why no one made a movie about being a one direction fan trying to survive school with all the drama going on in the fandom

  • @puddingchaps

    My two 10 yr olds have decided to make a movie. They have designed costumes and written the credits already. No script yet

  • @garrccaa

    #101lesson; don't underestimate a movie. this is the best korean… ★ Miracle in Cell No. 7 (w/ Alvin at H A's) —

  • @Clutch_BDL

    RT @SuperheroFeed: Marvel should just hire me. I'd be there to tell them things like "No, that little kid is unnecessary for this movie".