Noah Rated PG13

Noah PG13 PT138M


Russell Crowe stars as Noah in the film inspired by the epic story of courage, sacrifice and hope.

Running Time
2 hr 18 min
Release Date
March 28, 2014

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    RT @leighblickley: How @_SpectreVision produced the weirdest movie out of #Sundance @elijahwood @joshcwaller @greas…

  • @elham_fadaee

    RT @ifpponline: Lunch break at the conference and look who's premiering his movie Noah just down the road.The rain has started too... http:…

  • @sortakate

    every time this movie says pride or prejudice Noah just nods thoughtfully

  • @ginnyfinbow

    Nicholas Sparks: 'No one wanted to play Noah' in The Notebook. It wouldn't have been the same movie without Ryan!

  • @SlickDevious

    Shooting a legendary sports movie with Noah 2nite if u wanna get ur ankles turned to jello come 2 🌹city park elementary school

  • @zesty_movies

    The Notebook: Nicholas Sparks says Ryan Gosling movie was difficult to cast Noah #movies

  • @mkb35

    Oh, just saw the trailer for Risen, Tom Felton's new movie, and it looks really good. Let's hope it's better than Emma's movie, Noah, was