Not Today Rated PG13

Not Today PG13 PT118M


Roaming from California to India, NOT TODAY weaves a moving, inspiring story of a young man's journey from spoiled Orange County adult-adolescent to a true believer in the fight against human slavery, risking his life to help the helpless.

Running Time
1 hr 58 min
Release Date
April 12, 2013

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  • @RavenGranado

    @null yow. Wanna whatch a movie aahah ? But not today maybe next ?? Btw. Miss you Bes. 😙

  • @yee7us

    Betfair keeps texting me but I've watched the movie temptation I know what happens not today betfair not t o d a y

  • @LaurenDeshaun

    A movie sounds nice, probably not today. Might see the one with the Rock.

  • @GertrudeSalsber

    "Not Today" (2013) is an acceptable movie (C) #AhiMovieReviews <np4dv4>

  • @NatalieNoelle11

    Almost went and watched a certain movie that I was supposed to watch with a certain someone and my emotions went "nooooo not today"

  • @masaki_82

    My DVD is coming on Monday and not today >< Oh well, I need to finish my final report anyways, already saw the movie

  • @_Yayaaaaaa

    RT @candyxiumin: "(...)luhan and xiumin had contacted during luhan's movie shooting" doNt DO THIS TO ME NOT TODAY NOT RIGHT NOW http://t.c…