Not Today Rated PG13

Not Today PG13 PT118M


Roaming from California to India, NOT TODAY weaves a moving, inspiring story of a young man's journey from spoiled Orange County adult-adolescent to a true believer in the fight against human slavery, risking his life to help the helpless.

Running Time
1 hr 58 min
Release Date
April 12, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @garrett_guedry

    It's got to get easier and easier, somehow. But not today. (Disclaimer: Love the song, not the movie)

  • @CJwestleyyy

    Watched that trailer for the new Ring movie & as soon as I finished it, someone tried to call me. BLOCKED. NOT TODAY DEVIL.

  • @gabyyellaa

    I tried watching the movie Hush but nope not today just the first 15 minutes got me scared

  • @Drivenmecrazy23

    My son really think we about to watch a cartoon movie. 😂😂 not today buddy

  • @Udsssss

    When you learn the soundtrack first before watching the movie TANGNA APAT NA BESES NAG-PLAY INSTRUMENTAL NG NOT TODAY KUMUSTA NAMAN PUSO KO

  • @_amberstef

    me when a horror movie trailer comes on: not today satan me when the same horror movie comes out: I WANNA SEE IT

  • @Trosaimouda

    Not Today - Imagine Dragons (Me Before You Version) some songs make you wanna watch the movie