Not Today Rated PG13

Not Today PG13 PT118M


Roaming from California to India, NOT TODAY weaves a moving, inspiring story of a young man's journey from spoiled Orange County adult-adolescent to a true believer in the fight against human slavery, risking his life to help the helpless.

Running Time
1 hr 58 min
Release Date
April 12, 2013

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  • @Chelsea_Batdorf

    I have a bad feeling that teen beach movie is trying to be our high school musical. Not today disney. Not today.

  • @yahairaurroz

    RT @veexxoo: @yahairaurroz you feel like your in a part of a scary movie and just not today satan 😐

  • @Tokifox

    HEY!!! sorry for last min change but Jurassic world movie thing is gonna be Wed. not today

  • @peranakambing

    RT @Jenny_Trout: @drdonnaATX Not today, but when the movie came out she sent a gif of someone hitting someone else in the face with a phone…

  • @NoDuhItsMelissa

    Watching the movie Not Today and it's completely inspiring me to write. #TheAlternate

  • @hyukhaeyy

    Reconsider whether I should go watch movie or not today, cos super sleepy lol

  • @trickthetm

    I'll post it now. But its an eventual movie not today.