Sophie and Mathieu, a couple in their thirties, go to Schefferville to settle the estate of Sophie's father's cottage, a former miner in this almost ghost town. There, Sophie meets up with Rejean, her uncle, also a former miner. But when a tragic incident involving Rejean occurs on the spot, with Mathieu as the only witness, the trip takes an unexpected turn. Forced to stay longer than expected while the police investigation gets underway, the couple finds itself isolated from the rest of the world, singled out, in contact for a rare time with the complex reality of the Aboriginal people. Sophie and Mathieu see their relationship in jeopardy, each taking an opposite path in their reaction to this oppressive situation, in this closed-door setting in the great outdoors.

  • Mar 18, 2022
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Jean-Sebastien CourchesneActor

  • Christine BeaulieuActor

  • Sylvio ArriolaActor

  • Sarah FortinDirector

  • Guillaume VasseurProducer

  • Gabrielle Tougas-FrechetteProducer

  • Sarah FortinWriter