From the Oscar winning producers of AMY comes this essential and entertaining look at the meteoric rise of the seminal 90s rock band Oasis. The film immerses us in the raucous rock stars' fast-paced world of electrifying music, wild debauchery, and epic fraternal feuding, weaving never-before-seen concert footage with candid interviews and an astonishing firsthand account of the backstage sibling rivalry that threatened to destroy the band.

  • 1 hr 57 minR
  • Documentary

Cast & Crew

  • Noel GallagherActor

  • Liam GallagherActor

  • Mat WhitecrossDirector

  • Simon HalfonProducer

  • James Gay-ReesProducer

  • Fiona NeilsonProducer

Cast & Crew photos provided by TMDb.

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