On The Job Rated NR

On The Job https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Posters/163631H1.jpg NR https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Trailers/163631_med.mp4 PT120M


A crime thriller that was inspired by a real-life scandal in which prison inmates were temporarily released from prison to work as contract killers on behalf of corrupt politicians.

Running Time
2 hr 0 min
Release Date
September 27, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @cadufranklin

    #TheFundamentalsOfCaregiving is a great movie, very funny, too laughed with Travor. Congratulations on the job @CraigRoberts10 !

  • @tyIerblack

    It's not even my first day on the job and I already won a movie pass its lit

  • @KarleyCreppel

    When u fall asleep in the movie theatre on the job 💀 @boudreaux_alex

  • @miapasco

    on the job palabas sa cinema one!!! tangina i love this movie!!

  • @anasansbanana

    "The package is waiting for you at your desired location." "That sounded very spy movie-ish." "I try to have fun on the job."

  • @MrGreenery5

    Just got home. Gotta go to the other job at 4am. Shorties on the job site is feeling the kids activeness heavy. Movie nights already on deck

  • @sorrowen

    RT @Rayyleighd: @Angeliiiiique There's so much comfort knowing Ed didn't die on the job. It's easier to watch the movie because you know it…