Marlon Brando stars as Terry Malloy, a washed up prizefighter who, through the influence of his brother, Charley, a lawyer for a corrupt waterfront union, is employed as an errand boy for the mob. After luring a fellow dockworker and friend to his death to keep him from testifying against labor boss Johnny Friendly, the appeals of the dead man's sister and a crusading priest awaken Terry's guilty conscience of Friendly's goons, love prompts Terry to seek redemption by cooperating with a crime commission's investigation into the corrupt waterfront union.

  • 1 hr 48 minNRHDSD
  • Jul 28, 1954
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Eva Marie SaintActor

  • Karl MaldenActor

  • Marlon BrandoActor

  • Rod SteigerActor

  • Lee J. CobbActor

  • Leif EricksonActor

  • Elia KazanDirector