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Ouija PT0M
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Aileen and Romina are half-sisters who bury their grandmother in Camiguin, along with their cousins Ruth and Sandra, and Sandra's friend Lucy. When they find and use an Ouija board, it gets burned by accident and things go downhill from there, fast - for an entity gets trapped before the ritual is finished. As Death comes fast on their heels, can they ever find the spirit and the body to which it once belonged? For only then will the mystery unravel and their lives turn back to normal.

Release Date
September 13, 2007

Movie Buzz

  • @jesssiicattt

    Hopefully I get a PA job with the director of the movie, Ouija 2.

  • @gabsjpg

    Is Ouija a good movie

  • @UnfunnyLee

    My favourite part of the movie 'Ouija' was when my NOW TV box had the good sense to stop working.

  • @coollkitty

    RT @m0nnni: omg I remember when watching ouija w sam, she was so scared she didnt even watch the movie, she asked me what happened after

  • @shai5aniiy

    Movie Night 🎥👻 #ouija https://t.co/5mnIJYZL2z

  • @lena__xo

    Every time I floss, I think of the movie Ouija and get kind of scared tbh.

  • @XantheV

    The Ouija Experiment is probably not the best movie to watch right b4 U go film at night.