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When RJ the raccoon (Bruce Willis) is caught pilfering VINCENT the bear's mountainous pile of treasured goodies - junk food stored for his post-hibernation feast - he desperately negotiates for his life, promising Vincent the impossible: to replace everything within a week. Meanwhile, the bucolif life of a group of innocent forest dwellers is shattered when they awake from their hibernation to discover their forest has been invaded by a horrifying alien presence: the 'burbs'! They stare out in shock at a spanking new subdivision where their nut trees and berry bushes used to be. Not knowing anything about humans, their neurotic and overprotective leader, VERNE the turtle, (Garry Shandling) nervously ventures into a backyard only to encounter the horrors of the suburban living: lawn sprinklers, BBQ utensils, S.U.V.'s and mountain bikes. RJ, too, has ventured into the suburb as the only place on earth with enough junk food to satisfy the bear. When Verne returns to the meadow, he vows they will never venture 'over the hedge' again. But RJ has different ideas. He sees in the little forest gang exactly what he needs - lots more hands for replenishing the bear's food supply.

  • 1 hr 23 minPG
  • May 19, 2006
  • Animation

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Cast & Crew

  • Bruce WillisActor

  • Garry ShandlingActor

  • Steve CarellActor

  • Wanda SykesActor

  • William ShatnerActor

  • Thomas Haden ChurchActor

  • Nick NolteActor

  • Shane BaumelActor

  • Catherine O'HaraActor

  • Eugene LevyActor