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Paranormal Activity 5 Rated NR

Paranormal Activity 5 NR PT0M

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The fifth film in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise. Storyline under wraps. (unofficial)

Gregory Plotkin
Release Date
October 24, 2014

Movie Buzz

  • @KiDSnSpaceKD_

    I sat thru 88 minutes of paranormal activity 5 and the movie is called devil inside

  • @ImLittleNeNe

    Late night great movie with @Steff8 now I will watch my scary movie in the dark alone now that she left, paranormal activity 5

  • @bestalos1

    Me & Lukas decided 2 watch "Paranormal Activity 5: The marked ones", the movie haven't even started yet, but I'm already cryin' to Lukas arm

  • @DaddyAshley_

    Forever sad cause my mom returned the paranormal activity 5 movie😔

  • @ak1386

    drinking wine, and watching paranormal activity 5 in the dark... movie night with friends :)

  • @Meleo_34

    RT @jeremyxmcfadden: paranormal activity 5 is probably the scariest movie I've watched..

  • @kaylamwhabas

    Paranormal Activity 5 was the only scary movie that made me scream #watchingdisneychannelbeforebed