PAUL VERHOEVEN'S TRICKED revolves around the 50th birthday of big-time construction company boss Remco (Peter Blok). Life at home with wife Ineke (Ricky Koole), daughter Lieke (Carolien Spoor) and son Tobias (Robert de Hoog) is tense, partly due to Remco's inveterate womanizing, with things really heating up when his ex-mistress, Nadja (Sallie Harmsen), shows up pregnant at the party. Of course, everyone suspects Remco is the father, which suits Nadja perfectly since she and his biz partner, Wim (Jochum ten Haaf), then blackmail him into selling the company to Chinese investors. Only Remco's affair with his daughter's best friend, Merel (Gaite Jansen), seems to be going well, but she's enjoying toying with a besotted Tobias.

  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Peter BlokActor

  • Robert de HoogActor

  • Carolien SpoorActor

  • Gaite JansenActor

  • Jochum ten HaafActor

  • Pieter TiddensActor

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