In her breathtaking new short film, writer-director Momo Wang weaves past, present and future into an original myth, animated with intricate traditional imagery that explodes into a modern visual language all its own. A young fisherman, dissatisfied with his life, embarks on a quest to find the mythological island of Penglai. Shipwrecked in a storm, he is rescued by a mysterious woman who seems to have otherworldly powers. He comes to believe that she is the manifestation of the divine Buddha. She leaves, promising to return, only then does the fisherman ultimately come to a shattering realization. Penglai celebrates the human spirit and our belief that there is hope for a future beyond what we see in our everyday lives. The film’s dazzling, kinetic animation honors historical Chinese art and culture and propels it forward into a bold new era

  • 0 hr 10 minNR
  • Sep 16, 2022