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Ed Harris plays the captain of a Cold War Soviet missile submarine who has secretly been suffering from seizures that alter his perception of reality. Forced to leave his wife and daughter, he is rushed into a classified mission, where he is haunted by his past and challenged by a rogue KGB group (led by David Duchovny) bent on seizing control of the ship's nuclear missile. With the fate of humanity in his hands, Harris discovers heas been chosen for this mission in the belief he would fail. aPhantoma is a suspense submarine thriller about extraordinary men facing impossible choices.

Running Time
1 hr 37 min
Release Date
March 1, 2013

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  • @honky_kong_

    >forgot that there's a phantom blood movie that was so bad it got stricken from existence

  • @samanthann92

    Whoa. Wait one second. Just realized @GerardButler was the phantom in @PhantomOpera knew I loved that movie for a reason!!!

  • @akaBrookelynn

    smdh mom, you are telling me you know all the phantom of the opera songs but you never watched the movie....come, let's watch the movie.

  • @kayleighmumbles

    Cam and I are watching the Phantom movie and the Phantom's mask came off and Cam said "but it doesn't look like anything's wrong?"

  • @seoduction

    i can't pick between capture in her eyes and phantom of baker street as my fave dc movie ugh

  • @Me_andtheMadman

    Maybe I should put in a movie or Danny Phantom since I'm not getting things done anyway...

  • @EDonnenwerth

    The Phantom of the Opera is my new favorite movie #bestmovieever