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Ed Harris plays the captain of a Cold War Soviet missile submarine who has secretly been suffering from seizures that alter his perception of reality. Forced to leave his wife and daughter, he is rushed into a classified mission, where he is haunted by his past and challenged by a rogue KGB group (led by David Duchovny) bent on seizing control of the ship's nuclear missile. With the fate of humanity in his hands, Harris discovers heas been chosen for this mission in the belief he would fail. aPhantoma is a suspense submarine thriller about extraordinary men facing impossible choices.

Running Time
1 hr 37 min
Release Date
March 1, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @GrahamPatrick80

    Let's hope that this new Flash Gordon film is followed by a new Phantom film....which is then followed by a Defenders of the Earth movie.

  • @Ick102Eli

    @AMCMovieNews ridiculous movie title for ep7. The phantom clone sith with hope the empire returns

  • @topmovierevis

    LETTER 44 #1,2 MOVIE SOON,SKETCH VARIANT,PHANTOM VARIANT,THE BUNKER 1,HOT!!: $75.99 (0 Bids) End Date: Wednesday...

  • @DConan_MKaito

    Detective Conan Movie 06: The Phantom of Baker Street

  • @Erin_Salas

    Tonight's #agentsofshield felt like a horror movie but couldn't name it until it hit me, it's almost two: The Shining & Phantom of the Opera

  • @melissajoneswag

    Derek has only seen one Star Wars movie and it's the Phantom Menace

  • @colinofclarke

    Stage Fright (2014) is a sometimes funny slasher movie/musical aka Phantom of the Paradise. The metal-voiced masked killer wails!