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The return of the mega hit musical "Phantom: The Musical Live"! In the basement of the Paris Opera House full of darkness, there is the Phantom of the Opera, who has a genius but hides because of a hideous face. The man who rules the opera house is known only as the 'Phantom', but no one knows his true identity. By chance, he heard the celestial voice of Christine Daae and is instantly fascinated. He begins a secret lesson to make her the new diva at the opera house. With the help of the Phantom of the Opera, Christine's skills improve day by day and make her long-awaited debut, but she is caught up in the evil plot of the opera house's diva Carlotta, gripped by her inferiority complex and jealousy. Christine's debut is messed up. Enraged at this, the Phantom of the Opera risked everything as he decides to protect Christine... At this moment when the world collapsed, I will be your music!

  • 2 hr 57 minNR
  • Sep 22, 2022
  • Special Events

Cast & Crew

  • Cho Kyung HyunActor

  • Im SunhaeActor

  • Yoon Young-SeokActor

  • Shin Young-SookActor

  • Park Jae-SukDirector

  • Sophy Jiwon KimProducer

  • Kanghyun LeeProducer