Garnering five Oscar nominations (including a win for Best Writing), the Doris Day-Rock Hudson film "Pillow Talk" remains a high mark amongst cinematic romantic comedies. Playboy composer Rock Hudson and interior-decorator Doris Day are obliged to share a telephone party line. Naturally, their calls overlap at the least opportune times, and just as naturally, this leads to Hudson and Day despising each other without ever having met in person. In a cute but convenient coincidence, Doris' boy friend is Tony Randall, who also happens to be Hudson's best pal. Thus Hudson gets a glimpse at Day, and it is love at first sight. The resulting romantic hi-jinx enchanted audiences at the time of the film’s release and are no less enthralling today.

  • HDSD
  • Oct 7, 1959
  • Romantic Comedy

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Cast & Crew

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