PIONEERS OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN CINEMA, four programs of rare and newly-restored films from a little-known chapter of movie history, including silent and early sound features and shorts made by such pioneering black filmmakers as Oscar Micheaux, will be shown in a special theatrical program. The so-called 'race film' - movies funded, written, directed, distributed, and often exhibited by people of color - flourished from the 1920s into the 1940s. Previously circulated only in poor-quality 16mm prints, these newly restored versions allow us to witness the legacies of Micheaux, Spencer Williams, and other lesser-known African-American innovators with fresh eyes. Most remarkable is the breadth of style and subject matter found in the films: slapstick comedy, religious allegory, pointed social commentary, irresistible song & dance. PIONEERS OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN CINEMA includes: THE BLOOD OF JESUS, HELL-BOUND TRAIN, WITHIN OUR GATES, BIRTHRIGHT, DARKTOWN REVUE, DIRTY GERTIE FROM HARLEM U.S.A. and HOT BISKITS.

  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Spencer WilliamsActor



  • Spencer WilliamsDirector



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