Castro, once a star on the small screen, is now a leader on the decline. Today, his driver, Manu, leads him to the housewarming of his long-time producer and friend Nathalie, who has moved into a beautiful house near Paris. Helene, sister of Nathalie and ex-wife of Castro, is also invited. When they were young, they shared the same ideals, but success turned Castro into a pragmatist, or rather cynicist, while Helen remained true to her beliefs. Their daughter, Nina, who has written a book freely inspired by her parents' lives, joins them. While Castro attends helplessly to the inexorable fall of his ratings, Helen tries desperately to impose on his show an Afghan refugee. Meanwhile, the party is in full swing.

  • Sep 28, 2018
  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

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    Agnes JaouiActor

  • Jean-Pierre Bacri

    Jean-Pierre BacriActor

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  • Helena Noguerra

    Helena NoguerraActor

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    Agnes JaouiDirector

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    Said Ben SaidProducer

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