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'Players' is the official remake of the 1969 & 2003 versions of the Classic American Film 'The Italian Job', which is the most successful franchise of Hollywood. Now, the lean-mean tale of super-heist-and-revenge is set to undergo a Bollywood twist. Charlie Masceranhas is a Chartered Accountant by day and a master-thief by night. With his razor-sharp intelligence and precision planning, there has been no job so far in his career which has been too tough for him. But when he receives a posthumous DVD from a dead friend that contains information about a gold consignment being transported from Russia to Romania, Charlie realizes that what he is dealing with this time is no average job, but the biggest heist of the century. He decides to involve his mentor Victor in the planning process, who despite being jailed still wields considerable power and influence in the crime circles. Victor in turn provides him with the super-team required for a task of this magnitude. The ensemble team comprises of an explosive expert (Bilal Bashir), a computer-hacker (Spider), a prosthetic artist (Sunny Mehra), a master-illusionist (Ronnie) and Charlie's long-time confidante and partner (Riya). Together, they set out for Russia for the dare-devil heist. They devise a daredevil plan, execute it flawlessly & escape. Do they manage to escape with the gold??? Is there a traitor?? Does the plan backfire?? Through several twists and turns, not just on the streets and tunnels but also in the characters, will Charlie and his faithful associates finally manage to win back the biggest bullion loot of the century ???? The renowned directorial duo Abbas-Mastan helm reins of this official Indian Remake of 'The Italian Job', to enthral the audience with high speed chase sequences and state of the art special effects, set against the backdrop of beautiful locales in New Zealand, Goa, Russia & United Kingdom. 'Players' will redefine Bollywood action movies.

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.2 hr 47 minNR
  • Action

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