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An academically bright but faint-hearten rookie cop needs to man up and overcome his fears in order to succeed in his very first assignment-team up with a hostile and reclusive senior cop to catch a serial killer on the loose

  • 2 hr 37 minNR
  • Jun 8, 2023
  • Suspense

Cast & Crew

  • R. SarathkumarActor

  • Ashok SelvanActor

  • Nikhila VimalActor

  • Vignesh RajaDirector

  • Sameer NairProducer

  • Deepak SegalProducer

  • Poonam MehtaProducer

  • Sandeep MehtaProducer

  • Mukesh R. MehtaProducer

  • C.V. SarathiProducer