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Premium Rush Rated PG13

Premium Rush PG13 PT91M

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When a New York City bicycle messenger picks up an envelope at Columbia University, a dirty cop becomes desperate to get his hands on it and chases the messenger throughout the city.

Running Time
1 hr 31 min
Release Date
August 24, 2012

Movie Buzz

  • @BetterHeroArmy

    Saw Premium Rush. Joseph Gordon-Levitt @hitRECordJoe is top of my list to play Tom in #Plagued if it ever goes to a movie deal.

  • @GertrudeSalsber

    "Premium Rush" (2012) is a respectful movie (B) #AhiMovieReviews <n4f9n0>

  • @NanosauR

    That movie "premium rush" about the dude who rides a fixie and is trying to get away from bad guys is literal trash. 🚮

  • @TaintedAngel87

    @SonyPictures I just got done watching premium rush for the 3rd time. Its an awsome movie. Will there be a sequal??? I need 2 know

  • @living_in_panic

    I love how in the movie Premium Rush they casually add an MCR song as background music

  • @allaboutmydope

    premium rush is such a good movie

  • @timjoyce

    Watching this movie Premium Rush and it has possibly some of the worst acting I've seen in my life. This is putrid.