Murugan (Mohanlal) is an ordinary man who lives in a village near the forest. He makes a living by cutting bamboo from the forest. He has to fight with the wild animals, especially the wild tigers in the forest to earn a living. This makes him unique and sets him apart from other people in the village. How does Murugan become PULIMURUGAN? What are the intentions of PULIMURUGAN? Watch this action-thriller to find out.

  • 2 hr 41 minNR
  • Action

Cast & Crew

  • Kamalini MukherjeeActor

  • Mohanlal NairActor

  • Anjali Aneesh UpasanaActor

  • Cullet EricActor

  • Bala KumarActor

  • G. Kishore KumarActor

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