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Country music superstar George Strait plays Dusty Chandler, a singer who, after struggling for years singing in small honky-tonks, suddenly discovers that with success he has lost something important in his life. After cutting his hair and shaving his beard, Dusty takes a job on a ranch where no one recognizes him, reconnects with people who must struggle each day to survive and finds love. Now, can he balance the life he lost and found again with the lifelong dream he has attained of being a country music star?

  • PG
  • Oct 23, 1992
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • George StraitActor

  • Isabel GlasserActor

  • Lesley Ann WarrenActor

  • Kyle ChandlerActor

  • Rory CalhounActor

  • John DoeActor

  • Christopher CainDirector