This story is about two brothers' families. Though they're real brothers, but the elder brother's wife doesn't like her brother in law and his wife at all because of which she builds up a wall in the house and divides it. Both the families start staying separately. The elder brother has two sons and the younger brother has three daughters. Their children love each other, but the elder brother's sons don't reciprocate their love for their sisters because they fear their mother. The elder brother gets his elder son married and his mother asks her daughter in law to not to talk to her brother in law's family. The youngest daughter of the younger brother is very intelligent and naive, she craves to talk to her brother's wife, but as she's afraid of her aunt she's unable to do so.

  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Mandy Takhar

    Mandy TakharActor

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  • Nirmal Rishi

    Nirmal RishiActor

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    HARRY BAHTTIDirector

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