Rage Rated NR

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Paul Maguire (Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas) is a respectable businessman and loving father living peaceful life...until his violent past comes back to haunt him. When his teenage daughter is taken from their home, Paul rounds up his old crew to help him find her...by any means necessary. His search for justice leads Paul down a dark and bloody path of revenge, betrayal and long buried secrets. Danny Glover (the Lethal Weapon films), Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) and Peter Stormare (Fargo) co-star in this heart-stopping thrill ride that shows no mercy.

Running Time
1 hr 38 min
Release Date
July 11, 2014

Movie Buzz

  • @RiddlePanda

    I found the Shin Kamen Rider movie i hadn't watched! So if net is not back, I'll have that to watch as i try not to go into Arin rage.

  • @knickerbacker

    This movie does a better job than I'd remembered tracing the growth of Anakin's rage. It wouldn't be terrible if he'd been better cast.

  • @BlackwingKei

    I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/J7lRE049EP DBZ Mighty Prince of Rage 2: Vegeta's Pride [FULL MOVIE]

  • @iKeyrun_

    That guitar man, road rage & the crazy cars, one heck of a movie. #MadMaxFuryRoad

  • @el_rage_n

    "Gold team rules!!" 😂 Anyone guess the movie?

  • @fritobandit

    I demand Ezekiel Rage in the Johnny Quest movie!

  • @eatmy_DIAMOND

    watching the movie Rage