Rangrezz Rated NR

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'Rangrezz' is about Rishi Deshpandey, a young, courageous boy whose life is incomplete without his friends and loved ones. It is the story of this brave lad who puts the dignity of his loved ones before anything else in his life. Someone who believes in adding value to other peopleas life. Someone who understands the essence of true friendship and the value of his relationships. Rishias world is imperfect without his childhood love: Megha; and his friends: Pakkya and Vinod. He considers his friends as extended family and would go up to any length to help or protect them from anything. Because of Rishias helpful and supportive nature, he and his friends end up in life threatening situation when they collectively help a friend get married to the love of his life, in spite of the parents opposing it. In a hair raising climax, involving terrific action sequences & thrill, Rishi's friends encounter his new Avatar: just like Shiva a' the one who will benevolently die for the one he loves, but the one who can also kill for the lack of it!

Running Time
2 hr 20 min
Release Date
March 22, 2013