Reasonable Doubt Rated R

Reasonable Doubt R PT91M


When up-and-coming District Attorney Mitch Brockden commits a fatal hit-and-run, he feels compelled to manipulate the case to acquit the accused criminal who was found with the body and blamed for the crime. Following the trial, Mitch's worst fears come true when he realizes that his actions freed a guilty man, and he soon finds himself on the hunt for the killer before more victims pile up.

Running Time
1 hr 31 min
Release Date
January 17, 2014

Movie Buzz

  • @2Girls_1Curb

    reasonable doubt...good movie

  • @TheMichaelMcCoy

    Reasonable Doubt was an okay movie. It was kinda generic, and the plot pretty much changed 30 minutes in, but it wasn't bad. Just not great.

  • @katemarie_xo

    If your looking for a good movie to watch on Netflix watch reasonable doubt

  • @ANYnotNEY

    This movie Reasonable Doubt is wild

  • @Titanic_movie_f

    RT @redlianak: Idea that #Ghomeshi gets reasonable doubt because women emailed him after he punched them in the head... Women do WAY MORE f…

  • @Raven_Elle

    RT @KingShawn901: Btw reasonable doubt on Netflix is a good movie

  • @KingShawn901

    Btw reasonable doubt on Netflix is a good movie