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Red 2 Rated PG13

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From Summit Entertainment. The sequel to the action-comedy hit RED, which reunites our team of retired CIA operatives as they use their old-school style to take on a new set of enemies all across Europe.

Running Time
1 hr 56 min
Release Date
July 19, 2013

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  • @rohan4ub

    I swear. Ellen Mirren kills me a the time. Love watching this movie β€” watching RED 2

  • @BruceWillisFans

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  • @tanyalynn778

    Watching "Red 2" again!! I love this movie

  • @ConamaraKid

    "Red 2" (2013) is a somewhat charming movie (C) #ConamaraViews <nn8s68>

  • @BruceWillisFans

    #Collectibles #Movie Red 2 Movie Poster 2013 #BruceWillis, Byung-hun Lee, Catherine Zeta-Jones #Forsale #onsale

  • @tanyalynn778

    Red 2 was a really good movie πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜ I wanna watch it again!!!

  • @Quueeeennnnnn

    Watching Red 2 πŸ™Œ This My Movie !