Redemption Rated R

Redemption R PT100M


Redemption is the story of an ex-Special Forces soldier, Joey Jones (Jason Statham), who has found himself homeless on the streets after going on the run from a military court-martial. One night he breaks into an apartment in Covent Garden and finds that the luxury penthouse will be empty for three months. He finds a credit card, car keys and a full bank account for him to plunder but, instead, he decides to use the opportunity to get clean and get a job. He gives up booze and drugs and finds work as a dish washer in a Chinese restaurant. Soon he is promoted to porter and then unofficial bouncer. Such is his efficiency that he is spotted by a Chinese gangster boss who recruits him as a driver and enforcer. Joey rises through the ranks of the Chinese underworld in Soho. However, he doesn't forget his old friends on the streets. When he was homeless, he had a girlfriend called Isabel. Joey wants to rescue her and calls on the nun who runs the homeless shelter where he used to be fed and clothed. Her name is Sister Cristina (Agata Buzek) and, when Joey and Cristina's paths cross, sparks begin to fly. As Joey earns more and more money, he sends pizzas and takeaways and fancy cakes to the homeless shelter. Cristina accepts the gifts until Joey leaves her a roll of cash and buys her a beautiful silk dress to wear. Cristina confronts Joey but soon they discover that they have more in common than they could ever have imagined. Cristina agrees to track down Joey's pregnant girlfriend and finds out she has been murdered. Joey sets out on a mission of vengeance to find out who killed her. Joey's ascent through the world of organised crime ends when he is involved in a shooting in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant. With the police in pursuit, he goes back to the homeless shelter and meets up with Cristina. Dark confessions about the past follow and the two are brought closer together. After a brush with an illegal people smuggling business, Joey manages to find the name of Isabel's killer. Cristina tells Joey she is leaving to go to a mission in Africa so they have just one more day together. Joey tracks down Isabel's killer to a cocktail party on a rooftop in the city and kills him by throwing him from the roof. Joey and Cristina part the next day, never to meet again. Joey realises that when he is sober and fit, he is dangerous and so he attempts to slip quietly back into the anonymous world of the streets, but the Police have him in their sights.

Running Time
1 hr 40 min
Release Date
June 28, 2013