A worldwide epidemic leads way to a biotech company launching an organ-financing operation mimicking a standard car loan. Repossession, however, is death.

  • 1 hr 37 minRHDSD
  • Nov 7, 2008
  • Horror

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Cast & Crew

  • Paul SorvinoActor

  • Paris HiltonActor

  • Sarah BrightmanActor

  • Anthony HeadActor

    Anthony Stewart Head was born on February 20, 1954 in Camden Town, north London, England. He grew up in Hampton, near Richmond upon Thames in London. He's the youngest son of his parents, Seafield Head (a documentary filmmaker) and Helen Shingler (an actress). He is the younger brother of musical actor Murray Head who originated the role of Judas on the original album of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. His long term partner is former theatre administrator Sarah Fisher who he met when he was 28, and they are the parents of actresses Emily Head and Daisy Head. Besides acting, Head takes after his brother in being an accomplished singer, and they have appeared in many of the same productions, although never at the same time. In 1983, he was in a band named "Two Way". The band released a 45 single with three songs, produced by Richard Dodd and Ron Roker. Head's other skills are: horse riding, swimming, scuba diving, piano, guitar and stage fighting.
  • Bill MoseleyActor

    William Lambert Moseley (born November 11, 1951) is an American film actor and musician who has starred in a number of cult classic horror films, including House of 1000 Corpses (2003), Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) and The Devil's Rejects (2005). His first big role was in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) as Chop Top. On the HBO TV series Carnivàle (2003), Moseley had a recurring role as camp cook "Possum". He has released records with guitarist Buckethead in the band Cornbugs, as well as featuring on the guitarist's solo work.
  • Darren Lynn BousmanDirector

  • Mark BurgProducer

  • Darren SmithWriter

  • Terrance ZdunichWriter