Synopsis: “We are all living under the illusion there is governance but we are yet to discover it” Abhi, an IIT gold medallist, gets pulled into the Indian Administrative Services. As a District Collector, he confronts the newly elected political establishment led by Smt. Vishakha Vani, who climbed the power ladder by contaminating Asia’s largest freshwater lake on her way up. Battling to protect the environment, educate the ignorant masses and liberate the inhabitants trapped in Vishakha Vani’s manipulations, is Abhi going to win this war against all odds?. REPUBLIC is an epic social drama framing the current state of affairs reflecting our present social conscience.

  • 2 hr 26 minNR
  • Oct 1, 2021
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Sai Dharam TejActor

  • Nivetha PethurajActor

  • Rahul RamakrishnaActor

  • Ramya KrishnanActor

  • Jagapathi BabuActor

  • SubbarajuActor

  • Vinay NallakadiActor

  • Deva KattaDirector

  • Bhagawan J.Producer

  • J. Pulla RaoProducer