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Revue Starlight The Movie opens the curtain on a new, original story set during Karen Aijo and Hikari Kagura’s third year at Seisho Music Academy, a performing arts school for young women who aspire to the heights of on-stage stardom. In the next chapter of their theatrical lives, these young women will face one another on the battlefield of the stage, where song, dance and thrilling swordplay collide to illustrate the rich emotional narratives of the film’s protagonists. Fans of Revue Starlight won’t want to miss the next chapter of Karen and Hikari’s story, which brings to life even more of the high-flying musical numbers and rich emotionality of the beloved original series.

  • 2 hr NR
  • Jun 5, 2022
  • Action

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Cast & Crew

  • Aina AibaActor

  • Ayasa ItoActor

  • Teru IkutaActor

  • Hinata SatoActor

  • Maho TomitaActor

  • Moeka KoizumiActor

  • Haruki IwataActor

  • Suzuko MimoriActor

  • Momoyo KoyamaActor

  • Tomohiro FurukawaDirector