Los Reyes is the oldest skate park in Santiago, Chile. But the real kings of this story are Futbol and Chola, two dogs that have made this open space full of skateboards and rebellious teenagers their home. The energetic Chola is passionate about playing with balls she finds out there. He places them on the edge of the pools in which the skaters do their tricks and catches them just before they fall. Football, the oldest dog, looks at her impatiently and barks endlessly for Chola to drop the balls. Through voices outside the box we listen to the teenagers that surround them, each one with its story, sometimes funny and sometimes problematic. But the images in this film focus on dogs and their own way of life, while they play with a ball, chase donkeys and motorcycles, or subtly relate to each other.

  • Aug 14, 2019
  • Documentary

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