After two debt collectors attempt to seize a stunt horse belonging to washed-up stuntman Luo (Jackie Chan), video of the ensuing confrontation?and the dynamic duo?s narrow acrobatic escape?goes viral on social media. Furious at being humiliated online, the debt collectors return to seek revenge, leaving Luo and Red Hare to engage in a series of hilarious, action-packed antics that outdo even the most daring acts from their glory days.

  • 2 hr 6 minNR
  • Apr 7, 2023
  • Action

Cast & Crew

  • Jackie ChanActor

  • Haocun LiuActor

  • Qilin GuoActor

  • Xiao Shen-YangActor

  • Jing WuActor

  • Larry YangDirector

  • Bellen LauProducer

  • Hai YangProducer

  • Ken HanProducer

  • Larry YangWriter